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We implement IT and Security systems services with the best technological alternatives worldwide. We offer, Design, implementation, professional services and maintenance of existing infrastructures for each project.


Our solutions in special installations for government include:


  • Security.

  • Telecommunications

  • Analysis of the information.

  • Health


These solutions are ideal for:


  • Public Buildings

  • C2, C4 and C5.

  • Safe Cities.

  • Neighborhood alarm

  • Panic button

  • Collaborative video surveillance in the cloud.

  • Intelligent vehicle control.

  • Loudspeakers and alert dispersion.

  • Road arches

  • PMI (Smart Monitoring Poles)

  • PEC (Citizen Liaison Posts)

  • High security complexes.

  • Construction companies.

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Recurso 4.png

Big data


Infrastructure Service

Recurso 8.png

Video surveillance

servidor (1).png

Data center

Recurso 13.png

Paging and Intercom

Recurso 6.png

IP telephony and



Fire alarm

Recurso 10.png

Cloud Management

Recurso 11.png

Maximum Security Bollards

Recurso 13 (2).png

Perimeter Protection

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Equipment in Command to Control, Communications, Computing, Coordination and Integration Centers

success stories

Throughout our time working in this sector, we have carried out various jobs with which we are committed and concluded satisfactorily. No more projects are shown due to confidentiality with our clients.

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