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The c-Live Universe platform is the best solution. System independent, the Carbyne c-Live universe can be deployed in minutes (remotely) ON THE TOP of any CAD / call taking solution.

The unprecedented ability to receive the caller's location, live video chat, instant messaging, and data sharing capabilities dramatically reduces dispatch time, increases response efficiency, and ultimately , life jacket.

As the name suggests, the infrastructure of the Universe creates a live, unified environment that truly enables ECCs to connect to an incident, have better situational awareness, and greater confidence in their decision-making.


The best solution that is implemented in minutes

Location accuracy

Location Services

Location is the most important information for telecoms.

The Carbyne c-Live Universe solution can generate a precise location for every emergency or non-emergency call from smart devices (no app needed).


Live video chat

Situational awareness

The live video chat option allows telecoms, at their discretion, to activate a video session with a caller (once accepted).

By allowing better situational awareness, video chat is a powerful tool for addressing incidents where the caller's communications are unclear.

The ECC can block the video session in certain parts of the call and become visible when necessary. The video session is one-sided. At no time can the caller see the telecom.

Instant Chat


Instant Chat provides the ability to open another communication channel in case the caller is in distress and cannot speak.

In addition, it is an effective tool for communicating with people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Unlike traditional Text-to-911 solutions that provide irregularly, instant chat is immediate and works like WhatsApp and other chat platforms.


Universe +

In addition to the Universe platform, Universe + offers additional capabilities to further enhance ECC operations, such as "Autodiscover" and the ability to customize additional plug-ins that can enhance ECC operations.

The core value of Universe + is the creation of the ultimate synergy of the emergency network.

Accurate location in zero seconds

Automatic detection

The FCC estimates that 10,000 lives could be saved per year if shipping time were reduced by one minute. The recommended way to accomplish this is to obtain an accurate location in 5 seconds or less.


Carbyne's automatic detection solution enables callers to receive Instant Advanced Mobile Location (AML) and the caller's phone number without receiver intervention.

This solution outperforms dated legacy location solutions (ANI / ALI phase 1 and 2) that are poorly built for today.


Most call handling platforms do not take advantage of the positioning capabilities of mobile devices. This makes calls from those who do not know where they are or who are not in an address (lake, ocean, forest, etc.) difficult to find.


One incident, multiple workstations

Incident Conference

It is the nature of work in an emergency call center that telecommunicators often need to share their incident with their colleagues, dispatchers or managers in order to manage an incident effectively.

Instead of stepping over each other's shoulders or yelling across the room, the Incident Conference feature allows two c-Live workstations to share their information, the person taking the call who wants to gain access to the location, video and chat on your workstation for any active event, just select the call from the list you want to join.

This will orient the map on your workstation to that incident location and make video and chat available to your workstation.

Greater safety and efficiency

Responders connection

c-Live is the only platform in the world that allows telecoms to connect field responders to live video chat, instant messaging with a caller, and share the exact location of the caller from the same platform.

The Responders Connection on c-Live provides doctors, firefighters, and law enforcement officers with better situational awareness.


So when they enter the scene, they are fully prepared and ready to tackle the situation.

Thus, it dramatically increases your security, improves response efficiency, and ultimately provides faster and better care to citizens at risk.


Command and control

Global view of incidents

The Global Events View is a map-centric, real-time view of all field activity in a given jurisdiction. The Global Events View shows all incoming and active calls on the map.

Calls can be answered from the map and free-form shapes can be drawn to create a geofence on the map where city cameras and other sensors are located (if the City IOT component is installed).

This is a real command and control centric view of all emergency activities.

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