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Panduit develops innovative physical infrastructure solutions that meet the rapidly changing needs of our customers, from Hardware and Software to Advisory Services. This commitment is supported by investments in advanced research, solution-focused product development, world-class manufacturing, and collaboration with clients on the cutting edge of technology.

Smart buildings

Almost all of today's building systems including HVAC, lighting, security and communications use the IT network for management and control.


This presents an opportunity to converge the control of building systems into an open and intelligent systems architecture, and allows you to implement facilities policies that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of buildings, and allow you to respond rather than react to requirements. changing business and user needs.

Solutions that connect, manage and automate your business infrastructure.

Panduit business solutions link IT and facility systems over an IP-based network. The exchange of data in all areas is woven through the fabric of the building, increasing efficiency, safety and sustainability.

This converged systems approach is made up of cabling that connects a wide range of edge devices, including desktops, lighting, interactive lobby kiosks, surveillance cameras, climate controls, and power management sensors.

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